Educators and Human Resource Professionals

The BCI By Emarise offers educators and human resource professionals who enroll or recruit hundreds of young Arab people each year a complete support package to maximise the opportunity for success.

Some companies and universities are doing a good job in assisting the Arab youth to find their place, their sense of belonging. But many are not, and the experience of making cultural border crossings to work or study appear to be simply too much, the experience too alien, too raw. Many leave within just a few short weeks.

In the workplace, knowing how to manage, how to successfully orientate and onboard new Arab recruits will lead to much better and more cost-effective long-term outcomes with happy employees staying beyond a year and actively contributing to the company’s growth.  At university or colleges of further education, improving student retention rates is now a national imperative as countries across the MENA region look inward to develop its massive human potential and capacity.


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BCI In Your Organisation

Emarise creates tailored packages for schools, universities, and businesses that include bulk discounts on questionnaires, reports for both individuals, and career advisors and HR Professionals, consultation, coaching, and training. Our packages make BCI accessible for all organisations, big or small.

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