Discover effective solutions for Government, Private Sector, HR, Recruitment, Leaders, Managers and Trainers working with nationalization, Emiratization, Qatarization programs. Emarise takes a truly holistic approach to understanding the single most important challenge facing the Middle East. Strategy, Recruitment Support, On-boarding, Coaching, Training and Innovation services help individuals and organizations redefine the challenge and realise the regions huge opportunity in its people.
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How do I know if I’m ready for success in Private Sector Employment or Higher Education in another language in less than 5 minutes

Introducing the BCI by Emarise

A tool to support you in your journey to the worlds of work and study.

BCI For Educators and Human Resource Professionals

Are you looking for an edge for your students, recruits, or employees?

Start Your BCI

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  • BCI Questionnaire backed by PhD research
  • Personalised report
  • Guidance for success in education and work

BCI helps young adult Arabs in the MENA Region to understand whether they are ready to learn and work in a new culture, providing practical guidance on how to improve their chances for success.